Buildings that meet standards and a service that exceeds them

At Carré, we’ll safeguard quality from designs to sites and snagging.

Quality Control

It’s impossible for any one person to guarantee the quality of a finished building. But, as a team, we can become advocates for quality in every phase of your works.

Our intimate knowledge of buildings and genuine enthusiasm for our work means we’re able to pre-empt issues that may affect quality as well as identify existing concerns. From first designs to finished buildings, we’ll control quality at every stage.

So you can be confident that your building is safe and performing as intended.

Care at every stage

As a team that loves what we do, we don’t settle for anything less than the highest quality in every detail.

From minor to major

Going deep beneath the surface of a building, we’ll uncover defects – no matter how small – and propose solutions.

Refreshingly flexible

We take a responsive approach that helps you keep project milestones on-track and navigate unpredictability.

Your trusted team for:

  • Quality control
  • Defect diagnosis and reporting
  • Contractor progress inspections

Benchmarking and safeguarding quality

For us, effective quality control begins with accurate benchmarking. We take the time to understand your works, your plans or your building, in turn establishing quality standards that will run across your project.

Then, we’ll help maintain this standard through inspections, surveys and routine reporting. Crucially, our informal and formal reporting is exhaustive and detailed – but also designed to be easy to understand and, above all else, actionable. So you don’t just know what’s wrong – you can make an informed decision about what’s next.

Intricate Inspection

Using our specialist experience, we conduct an exhaustive inspection of contractor work, delivery against designs or entire buildings.

Detailed Reporting

Our reports are in-depth and easy-to-read at the same time. We also provide a photographic record of our inspection and findings.

Ongoing expertise

Where possible, we’re here to recommend your next steps in order to preserve and safeguard quality as your works continue.

Build quality into every stage of your works.
Contact us for more details on quality control.